Stand des Stall November. auf der Milano ANACT-Sale 2001

Service for every occasion...

If you are organizing an auction or sale, need a representative at a trade fair or exhibition, maybe you would like your stable to have an "Open House" presentation...

We can supply any professional support you might need.

Coaching and organizing for auctions and horse sales
    Setting up auction catalogues, advertisement (layout/editing) as well as translation to/from German/Dutch/Engl./French./Italian
    Commentating for events or meets
    Personnel management
    Exhibit management with customers ad vision available, sales, hospitality, provision and set up of actual exhibit stand.
    Presentation of video material with the most modern equipement available: multimedia capacity for computer fittings (PC), with adapter für digital video, dvd, projector/1.700 ANSI-lumen, portable giant screen, dolby surround sound system and video camera
  Sale USA