We can seat you on the right mount...

You are an active rider or would like to become one, but you are searching for that perfect mount? Ore to bring you over the course, through the test on a partner to share unforgetable moments of nature with from horseback. Or perhaps you need a safe and secure school-master for the next generation of young talent...

We offer a constant selection of correctly trained and experienced riding horses and ponies from all over Europe. Horses from reputable barns with success from beginner to international.

We are not horse dealers as such, but rather offer a service to help find the custom ordered fitting mount.

Active Horse Service will gladly help search for your dream horse.

And if you would like to sell your current mount, we can just as ea-sily try to help out..

 Supply and demand.
If you have any thing we can help with, contact us at:
0049-(0) 25 98 - 98 61 95
0049-(0) 171-412 6690
01149 - 25 98 - 98 61 95 (USA/Canada)