Anja Sokollis

Seminars - Coaching - User-Testing

We can offer you the opportunity to work with Internationally successful riders, trainers and vetenerians in practical clinic or seminar style workshops.

We can help with all the arrangements with our team customize any seminar or clinic you´d like to put together. As well as group efforts we can help arrange personal individual coaching for specific problem solving

Typical theme subjects can be:

Sport and financial management for all horse and rider related business
    Profitability capacity in a horse business
    Customer profile and service
    Mental preparation for competitors
    Organisation of trade fairs, Events and horse shows
    Correcting sport horse typical problems
    Correcting behavioral problems
    Physical fitness for horse and rider
    Strength training for horse and rider

All seminars can be arranged with video and professional accessment following instruction. We offer the most advanced technological equipement available for all presentations.


Many other topics available on request, special projects are always welcome.