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Active Horse Service was founded in March 2000 in Ottmarsbocholt, Germany by Anja Sokollis, out of the wish to offer an allround and all inclusive horse related service to her current and future customers.

Before this wish, from childhood on horseback and in sulky, after highschool, studying and some time out of country - this horse addiction didn´t lessen - was an offer from Stall November; after opportunity to belong to a top team combining on hands horsemanship and administrative consulting as well as a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

This great opportunity to work with Stall November which through such trotters of world class such as Pik König, Reado and of course General November "German Trotter of the Century" and through this title and the other top class horses, the owner is of course "German trotter owner of the Century". Also through the marketing of General November as a breeding stallion arose even greater international network building for connections

The basis of Active Horse Service is also providing service to other horse owners by producing advertising, auction catalogues, pedigree information, commentating for auctions and promotions, presentations at exhibitions and helping with arrangements for foreign starts.

And with this highly qualified, motivated and intentionally connected network we offer a commitment to service for all your horsesport related needs.

Anja Sokollis